Thursday, 22 September 2011

Born in a forest

HI GUYS! I'm back, as promised. And with lots of pictures. :-)
I've bought the camera I talked about, Canon EOS 550D, and I'm so happy about it! Definitely one I would recommend! Now that I've got my loved camera, I'm taking pictures all the time by everything and everyone. Some may find that annoying, haha!
Anyways. I'm thinking about changing my blog a bit, with more pictures and less or no text. Maybe I'll change the layout too, soon. 
So this will be the beginning: Some pictures from the forest. The colours of the threes are so beautiful this time. I hope you like them!!
Kisses from Ida.


  1. Jaaa, fedt at du er tilbage ! Flotte billeder :)
    Knus Josefine //

  2. Dine billeder er så fine! skønner farver. Er vild med billedet af insektet og måden du leger med lyset på. //