Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I'm back!

Hello dear readers.
I'm sorry for the silence lately, but I'm back now!
As I told you, I was in one of my friends cottage yesterday and today. It was so great, and the weather was even better. We ate unhealthy food, spend time laying on the beach, listened to the boys music taste, swam in the ocean and yelled at the craps.

I made this quick picture on Polyvore. If I ever get rich, or something near that, I will buy these things.
I'd like to be tall and always wear high heels and expensive bags. Even tough it isn't my style..
The beautiful wedges is as you probably know called Atacomas and from Acne. They are everything I need. You can't buy them anymore, so I spend a lot of time looking for them on Trendsales. One night I scrolled through all the adverts with Acne, to make sure they wasn't there with another description than 'Atacoma'. Suddenly I saw one, and while the site was loading I couldn't breathe. But the prize was to high for my budget, unfortunately.
The Miss Sixty jeans isn't my style, but they are just beautiful to everything, and so are the Mulberry bag!
And last but not least there's the Essie nailpolish. For quiet a log time I have been in love with them, especially the pastels colours, which is so cute for summer I think! The last one is a transparent nailpolish, which make the colour underneath it matte, I would love to own that too.
These beautiful shoes is from Nelly, I have been wanted them for so long, and they are not very expensive! Maybe I should just buy them. What do you think?

Love, Ida-Marie

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