Thursday, 23 June 2011

Touched by Niels Bagge

Yesterday I made that post with some of my favorite music. Killer bee with Vinnie Who was one of them. 
And guess witch picture I was tagged on when i opened up my Facebook!

This one with sweet Niels Bagge (the singer in Vinnie Who), sweet Amalie and not as sweet me. :-)
We were to a concert with them some weeks ago at Ofelia Beach in Copenhagen. It was so great! If you some day have the opportunity to see them, don't waste it! They are so cool!



  1. Wow, isn't it the best when you finally get the chance to see and take a picture with your fav band? When that happens to me it absolutely makes my year!


  2. It is!! What is your favorite band or singer?(:
    Jeg føler mig også heldig, det var så fedt og de var så søde! :)

  3. Hej :)

    Virkelig fed blog du har, følger dig nu :)

    Håber du måske vil tage et hurtigt kig på min blog og måske blive fast læser?

    Knus Louise

  4. Mange tak Louise! - Tjekker den lige. (: