Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Almost there

Hello. :-)
Tomorrow I'm leaving Denmark and going to Brighton in Britain, and I'm almost finished with the packing.
I'm so exited and also a bit nervous, but i do think it will be a great experience.
I have borrowed my grandpa's camera, so I promise you a lot of pictures from the trip!

I bought this light blue nailpolish yesterday. I really like the colour.
What do you think?
This is Celine, the girl I'm travelling with.
She stopped by just before, and I took this picture. She is beautiful, right?
Love, Ida-Marie


  1. Jeg kan vildt godt lide din neglelak!!!:D
    og jo Celine er virkelig smuk!

  2. Det er hun! (:
    Og tak søde Maja. <3