Saturday, 16 July 2011


Hi there! 
Yesterday we went to Thorpes Park and afterwords to a concert with Kesha. I had really big expectations for this, but I must say that I got a bit disappointed, maybe because of the expectations? I've been told that the amusementpark would get closed for the EF students. But it didn't, and we only had like two hours to walk around, and for these two hours we couldn't try the big rides because the waiting was in 1/2 hours or so, and we had to eat too..
But no more complaining.. The concert was great, and I took 500 photos, haha!
Here's some of them. :-)

Sorry for the confusing many pictures, but I couldn't choose between them.
Tomorrow I will spend the hole day shopping in London, I really looking forward to that. I promise some great pictures even though it will be rainy. :-)


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