Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Day 1 in Brighton

Hi guys!
Finally we arrived to Brighton, and I really love it. We haven’t been seeing so much of the city yet, but we have met the family who we will stay with for these three weeks, and they are so kind. It’s a married couple with a sweet dog.
Tomorrow we will take a placement test which will show us how good we are to English and which team we will be on. Afterwords someone will show us the city, and then at the evening there will be a welcome party. Really looking forward to that. I will wear my new shoes with some shorts or a dress, I think.
Here’s some pictures I took just before. :-)

Such a mess.. It's better now! :-)

Hope you liked the pictures! :) Stay lovely.


  1. Er helt vild med dit billede med blog titlen, det ser for fedt ud :-)

    - Kig forbi ;)

  2. Oh how adventurous! You'll absolutely have a blast!~