Sunday, 3 July 2011

New in

Hi guys!
Yesterday, before the weather got crazy, I was out shopping with my mum. I got a lot of nice things, as you can see underneath.
Actually I wanted to show it to you yesterday, but at the evening it start raining and thundering, and then neather the internet or the television worked. That's a okay excuse for not blog, right? :-)
Here's a lot of things from Panduro Hobby. After Amalie showed me how easy it was to make DIY rings and earcuffs, I also wanted to try it out. To the left there is a lot of feathers, and I'm working on a earcuff with one or two of them on it. My plan is also to make a earcuff with a feather from a peacock. But maybe it's too overwhelming?

So I also got these two tops from Samsø & Samsø, the striped shirt from Monki and a mascara from Max Factor.

 Last but not least I got these beautiful Levi's jeans. I really love them, and they fits perfectly! I will show them on soon. :-)
 Love from Ida-Marie.

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