Saturday, 16 July 2011


Hi guys!
As I told you, we went to London today. I bought all this on two and a half hour. I didn't had the time to try the things from Primark before buying them but luckily they are all fitting well, haha! Here's some pictures. :-)

Shoes from atmosphere bought in Primark.
18 pounds.

Tops from Primark, 2 pounds.

Left: Top from Primark, 3 pounds. Right: Tee from Primark, 3 pounds

Tee from Topshop.
22 pounds.

Left: top from Primark, 2,5 pounds. Right: tote bagfrom Primark, 2,5 pounds.

Nailpolish from Topshop.
2,5 pound.
Case for my sunnies from Topshop.
8 pound.

Lots of love, Ida.


  1. Nøj, hvor er solbrilletasken bare ekstremt cool! Ha!

  2. Mange tak! Er også super glad for den!(: